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Dungannon Truck Run

When we first started back in 2005 at the then Glenngennon Hotel, now Donnelly’s car sales, we could never have imagined how successful the event would become. Since moving the event to Dungannon Farmers Mart in 2007 Dungannon Truck Run has established itself as Irelands favourite trucking festival. The event attracts Lorries and trucks from all over Ireland and the UK with more families and spectators joining in the fun and festivities year on year.

In 2014 we introduced an annual awards ceremony which saw an array of trophies and cups been presented to drivers and their trucks for the title of “Best Dressed Truck”, “Queen if the Road” See below for full list. Over the past seven years Dungannon Truck Run has raised thousands of pounds for our children’s charity Sporting Hearts and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the drivers and truck companies who help make this wonderful truck event possible.

Sporting Hearts Children’s Charity

Sporting Hearts was founded by Dungannon man, Eugene Hamill after witnessing at first hand the devastating effects of the Balkan wars on the young, elderly and ethnics minorities in the former Yugoslav Republic of Serbia. Back in our humble beginnings in 2004, Sporting Hearts first took a group of Kosovo refugee children from Resnik (With money raised from busking in shopping centres in Armagh and Antrim) on a day trip to Belgrade Zoo, with the ambitious hope that this simple gesture might open a window of opportunity through which the children might catch a glimmer of a brighter future! Since then, Sporting Hearts has thankfully been able to take hundreds of children on various outings and workshops, all with an underlying educational theme were the kids can learn and develop new skills, broaden their horizons, build confidence and self-esteem while learning to respect each other’s differences in a fun, friendly and caring environment.

Sporting Hearts’ JasminaIn 2014 Jasmina, one of the kids who came on our very first Sporting Hearts trip to the city zoo back in 2004 started University in Belgrade as a law student. We would like to wish her success in her studies and all the best in the future. One of our volunteers, Miroslav Starcavic will travel to Belgrade at the end of March. While there, he will present Jasmina with a new laptop on behalf of Sporting Hearts in recognition of her achievements.

Testimonial From Jasmina:

“Sporting Hearts has provided me with huge support, motivation and way better schooling conditions, thus enabling me so much better life. I would like to thank you for the trust you have in me, and your efforts and care.”

Refugee Kids on a Sporting Hearts 'Day Trip'

The Balkan Wars of the 90s left Serbia and Montenegro with the largest population of refugees and IDPs inEurope. Many of these refugees are teenagers and young children. Our mission is to give these kids a break.

Sporting Hearts was founded in 2004 and since then we have organised events, workshops, computer courses and day trips for thousands of kids in Serbia. Working closely with local groups, organisations and caring individuals Sporting Hearts have built up a unique relationship with many children and children’s groups. Our workshops and computer classes have given many kids the opportunity to learn and explore new skills and experiences which they would not otherwise have the chance to do. Our day trips and theatre outings give kids the chance to laugh and have fun away from the dreary routine of their everyday humdrum.

Computer courses

Our computer class for the Roma kids of Kotez is giving them the chance to learn a skill that one day might lead to a dream job. Kids like R…… who dreams of “working as truck driver”, or Z…….. who dreams of “finishing primary school”, or little S….. who simply dreams of “working in a warm place”

“These kids deserve the right to pursue their dreams”
– Jelena Bojic

Your money will go  to helping these kids realise their dreams and turn them into reality and give them the dignity they so deserve.

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(Start/Finish: Granville Mart, Dungannon)

– All participants must be fully insured and carry an appropriate licence.

– All participants must follow the rules of the road.

– Please follow instructions of Truck Run/Sporting Hearts Marshall’s.

– Marshall’s do not stop traffic.

– No speeding or overtaking please.

– Please leave a space between you and the vehicle in front of you to allow other road user’s the freedom of the road.

– Please show due care and attention at all times to other participants and road user’s.

– Please have a safe and enjoyable day and enjoy the craic…